Music / Composer / Degree in Social Communication

Her professional career is linked to music, visual arts and pedagogical research.

She currently lives in the city of Buenos Aires, and being a restless and curious artist, she travels constantly collecting diverse experiences.

During her career she´s participated in various musical projects of different formats and has given concerts in different countries around the world such as Chile, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Denmark and Sweden.

EMILIA SALŪM’S sound universe works as a bridge that joins two worlds: the world of acoustic sounds and the world of electronic sounds.

In April 2022 she´ll release her latest album: ĒGIDA.

It is a set of original songs, interpreted from an intimate place, committed to the words and emotion.

Her influences are diverse, ranging from roots music such as Atahualpa and Mercedes Sosa, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and flamenco music. More current influences are also heard, such as Björk, MARO, Lianne Lahavas, Nai Palm, among other female interpreters.

During the making of ÉGIDA, the participation of Juan Belvis and Luciano Vitale was key, as their creative contributions are part of the sonority and aesthetic result of the album.